Balcarras Bark – Katy Haymer, a new talent

MAN’S uncanny relationship with the acoustic guitar has created artists that have guided music’s direction through the decades.

From Robert Johnson to Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan to Leonard Cohen the baton of folk and roots music has been eagerly stalked by a mass cult following.

The latest to feed the sustained demand for singer-songwriters is up-and-coming member of the folk movement, Katy Haymer.

Saying if she could play a set for a famous musician it would be Joni Mitchell “as she is a true feeler and a songstress singing from the heart”, the love for the Canadian-born musician is apparent in Haymer’s track The Right Way.

Her roots jazz style finger picking backs this stunning display of her powerful, smoky voice, which is sporadically contrasted with a mellow falsetto.

Despite the touch of acoustic, Terry Callier-style jazz in The Right Way the majority of Haymer’s tracks stay firmly within the realms of acoustic folk.

Always’ encompasses her love for personal lyrics by showing a softer, more delicate style of song writing, calling on influences such as Alison Krauss to create a pop-infused sound that could potentially give her a more commercial edge.

Breathe is a nonchalant, uplifting track that portrays vocals highly suggestive of Bobbie Gentry. Arguably the simplest of the songs, it is the most satisfying.

In a world where many artists are trying to break new boundaries, it is refreshing to see singer-songwriters such as Haymer who persist with a respectful, but creative, nod towards traditional sounds and lyricism, which are evidently still popular .

Katy’s EP Echoes from the Heart will be available for purchase via download next month,

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