Coming from a long line of opera singers it would have been easy for Katy Haymer to have followed in the family tradition. Instead, inspired by the likes of Kate Rusby, Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell, she chose the more difficult path of the singer-songwriter. Her much anticipated debut album ‘Echoes of the Heart’, which showcases her lush vocal style and uncanny ability to craft hauntingly beautiful songs, heralds an exciting new voice on the UK’s acoustic folk scene.

It’s easy to see why she is fast building an audience of devoted fans and being lauded as “England’s Beth Nielsen Chapman”. In writing and recording an album that consists of an anthology of love songs, she explores the classic themes of love, loss, break-up, and self-discovery, that are the hallmarks of the great female singer-songwriters.

“Some women find comfort in friends and white wine after a relationship break-up. I write songs about them. Writing, recording and performing songs is the best therapy there is.”

Katy Haymer’s debut album ‘Echoes of the Heart’ is released on September 29th on XX Records and she starts a UK tour in November. More details can be found at www.katyhaymer.com